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Farm Friends: Blue-Ribbon Radishes

Poppy is determined to win a blue ribbon for her cucumbers at the county fair. But Vincent Van Goat is always butting in—as goats do. He gobbles up her cucumbers before the big day!


Poppy must come up with a new plan. Luckily, she knows a lot about fast-growing vegetables—and Vincent’s eating habits. If Poppy works hard enough, she might be able to present something at the fair after all. But will it be enough to win a blue ribbon?


 Jan 2, 2024

Farm Friends: One Stubborn Goat

The annual Pumpkin Festival is only one month away! This year, Poppy is in charge of the annual goat races. There's only one problem. Vincent Van Goat isn't interested in racing--or even running for that matter. He's more interested in eating grass, chasing butterflies, and napping with the pigs.


Poppy is determined to make Vincent a star . . . but can she find a way to celebrate his hidden talent?


 Jan 2, 2024

Farm Friends: Poppy's Chicks

Poppy can't wait for her hen, Daisy, to have chicks. But when Poppy checks the chicken coop, she realizes Daisy's eggs aren't going to hatch. Poor Daisy! Poppy is determined to help. She and her mom visit the feed store, and Poppy comes up with a new plan--she'll hatch her own eggs.


But will Poppy's eggs hatch for Daisy?

Poppy's Chicks.jpg

 Jan 2, 2024

Farm Friends: The Big Soap-Rise!

Teacher's Day is Monday! At first, Poppy and her best friends, Ollie and Cassie, are excited. They love their teacher, Ms. Green. But soon they run into a problem. They don't have a present for her! Maybe they can make something on the farm. But what?


Can Poppy and her friends come up with a gift in time?


 Jan 2, 2024

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