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Official Bio

Kimberly Derting is the author of the award-winning young adult THE BODY FINDER series, THE PLEDGE trilogy, and THE TAKING trilogy. She has also co-authored the new picture book series CECE LOVES SCIENCE with Shelli R. Johannes. Her books have been translated into 15 languages, and both THE BODY FINDER and THE PLEDGE were YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults selections. She lives in the Pacific Northwest, where the gloomy weather is ideal for writing anything dark and creepy. Her three beautiful (and often mouthy) children serve as an endless source of inspiration and frequently find the things they say buried in the pages of their mother's books or on Twitter for the world to see.

Not So Official Bio

I was born and raised in the Seattle area, with the exception of a few short stints in Phoenix, Boise, and San Jose. I had a colorful childhood, raised by a single mother who worked her butt off to make ends meet. She showed my brother and me how to enjoy life on a shoestring budget. She was the kind of person who, given the choice between paying a bill and taking us to the circus, would always opt for the circus. Yet somehow, she always managed to pay the bill. She was the one who taught me not to take myself too seriously.

My publishing career began at an early age, when I started making homemade coloring books with sheets of blank paper and a stapler and then went door-to-door to sell them. Unfortunately, my neighbors had limited disposable income for such frivolous purchases, so I was forced to seek my fortunes elsewhere.

I first fell in love with writing (giving up my childhood dreams of being a Veterinarian, and then my later aspirations of "lady trucker") when I signed up for Journalism as my 7th grade elective. It was supposed to an easy A, but it soon became my passion. I moved on to be Copy Editor of the high school yearbook so that I could correct other people's writing mistakes and fill in when they missed their deadlines (and hey, it was high school...deadlines were frequently missed!). I wrote my first book when I was twenty, and it was awful, but I never stopped writing. I also had a hard time accepting no as an answer. That stubbornness has served me well.

I now spend far too much time of my free time ordering stuff off the Internet and binge-watching Netflix with my husband and kids! 

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